Jacksonville Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 12/11/2021
Time: 1:00 PM -
Title: Local Author Event with Eli Goodman, MD (In-Person)
Contact: Sarah, 217-243-5435
Location: Jacksonville Public Library Meeting Room
Description: Eli Goodman, MD, the author of The Adventures of Abe: The $5 Bill, The White Horse and more, has lived in Springfield since 2009. He grew up in Philadelphia and still considers himself to be a "congenital" Philadelphian. He is an internal medicine physician who, during his long career, has worked as a clinician and medical director in many different settings, including large community health centers and correctional facilities. Dr. Goodman, a self-described "communitarian," dedicates himself daily to the obligation to help repair our broken world through good deeds. Many of his writings deal with this theme. Dr. Goodman will be discussing his books at this in-person public event.

The Adventures of Abe tells the story of a $5 bill who recalls his most memorable adventures over a 20-year career and the important wisdom he gained along the way. The White Horse proves to both children and adults that prejudice based on superficial characteristics such as skin color is folly. 

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