• The store in our new play area is a consession stand for the summer! We will have cotton candy, hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, ice cream and even a grill you can use to cook up orders as they come in! Join us this summer as we Read S'more Books!

  • Last week we read about dinosaurs that went camping and this week we will read about . . . Pirates! Pirates camping?!?!? This you must see!

    Join us on July 5th at 10am and 3pm as we Read S'more Books about pirates!


  • What is the one thing that you will almost always see when you’re camping? The stars! Join us as we learn about the stars in the sky and try our hand at making our own constellations!

    Join us on Wednesday, July 19th at 10am or 3pm to learn about stars and constellations.


  • The beloved Mike Anderson will be at the library on Tuesday, the 20th at 10AM performing some of his lesser known songs about camping! The best part is that Mike likes to be in the air conditioning, so we will be inside this week!

  • If you are going hiking, what do you need? Hiking shoes? Check. Map? Check. Water? Check. Binoculars? No? Well, then you had better join us for stories about hiking on Wednesday, July 12th at 10am and 3pm! We will be making some nifty binoculars!

  • The great Troy the Juggler was here on Tuesday the 13th to show us his amazing skills! He can juggle! He can balance! He can tell jokes (sort of!)

  • A hot, new science show is all the rage in Illinois and Iowa this summer! It's Absolute Science where they will do some amazing science experiments that will make you say "OOOHHHHH!" Join us on Tuesday, June 27th at 10AM!

  • Do dinosaurs go camping? I have never seen one, but we will read some stories and find out this summer as we Read S'more Books on June 28th at 10am and 3pm!

Felt Food for sale!

Help support the library!

We will selling some of our famous felt food again! Place your order anytime before June 15th for our summer goodies. You can order ice cream cones and treats, a grill with a hamburger and hot dog, buns and a spatula or a garden with radishes, carrots, potatos, lettuce and onions. All proceeds benefit the Friends of the Library, who support a variety of library programs. You may pick up you order form at the Youth Services Desk.


Garden Club 2017

Garden Club
The Jacksonville Public Library's Garden Club has begun for 2017! We meet every Wednesday at 9:30AM, rain or shine, for information on plants, animals and the world around us.
June 21st - Learn about snakes!
June 28th - Learn about bees
July 5th - Learn about birds
July 12th - Learn about leaves
July 19th - We have been measuring the sunflowers all summer long. Now we will look at how different they are!
July 26th - Do we eat the leaf, stem or seed of plants?
August 2nd - To be determined
August 9th - What have we learned about gardening over the summer?